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When you read about us, you'll learn that we have greater than thirty years of practice in zoning, land use, real estate, and related litigation. Our extensive experience gives us a great feel and instinct for what is achievable, what is lawful or not.

About NYC Land Use Lawyer

About NYC Land Use Lawyer

Although zoning laws are local, big-city sophistication and experience will inform and guide the local process and decision-makers.

Land Use Lawyer NYC

First, we hit the ground running in matters without wasting time and money re-inventing the wheel. Gaining the knowledge and skills needed for the very demanding big city, New York City, bureaucracy makes us comfortable at that level. It puts us at a skills advantage in any smaller municipality.

About Zoning Attorney NYC

Our successful work in New York City sparked the current Brooklyn Waterfront residential renaissance in a formerly manufacturing zone. Zoning Attorney managed one of the most active and successful zoning variance practices during the critical period beginning in the early 1990s. In dozens of locations, crucial residential use variance(s) helped pave the way for the City Planners to follow suit and allow broader residential zoning changes. This renaissance set the scene for more comprehensive residential development in so many formerly decrepit and underutilized manufacturing areas of Williamsburg, Northside, Greenpoint, and Dumbo.

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For Example:
Mortgage Brokers/Buyers/Sellers/Refinancers/Deal Makers:  Have lender/underwriter concerns related to zoning, codes, violations, and Occupancy Certificates? Too many deals fail because specialist zoning/code counsel is not brought in to explain, clarify, and give an opinion to the lender if necessary. Most recently, we are delighted that our letter/report enabled financing for the purchase by one of the largest online real estate publishers of a New York City residence, where the bank was going to refuse to finance the project as it incorrectly thought it could not fund this multi-million dollar space. They thought it would not be lawfully used for residential purposes.

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Zoningattorney.com is a full-service team of experienced Land Use, Zoning, and Real Estate professionals. This company is spearheaded by a senior counsel with over thirty years of experience specializing in land use law and regulation.


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With key associations, guidance, advice, and access available with local counsel in virtually any location across the country, our firm's approach to land use, code, historic preservation, and zoning issues introduces new and modernized meaning to the cliché, "Zoning and Codes, like all politics, is local."