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Zoning Attorney is a full-service team of experienced Land Use, Zoning, and Real Estate professionals engaged in real estate transactions and applications in NYC and surrounding counties. Zoning Attorney is spearheaded by senior counsel with over thirty years of specialized experience in land use law and regulation, including zoning changes, zoning variances, zoning analyses, and related applications, building and fire code violations, historical preservation, environmental law, mortgage lender reassurance, and opinion letters, as well as real estate law and transactions, landlord and tenant matters, and litigation services.

When we assist in a deal, we make sure the transaction, whether it's a purchase or sale or lease, maximizes the property rights potential and consequently the return on investment. We strategize and position zoning considerations in every deal to wring out every drop of possibility. Call us ahead of any decision to purchase a property. You will save yourself a major headache or disappointment down the road.

Equally, if you happen to be on the other side and want to question or even oppose something, we are conversant with all procedures and familiar with loopholes. Our years of experience give us expertise that can be brought to bear on either side of a transaction or dispute.

Land Use Attorney NYC

Related to all of the above, zoningattorney.com includes consulting attorneys, architects, engineers, environmental review consultants, expediters, and related records research consultants.